A new and exhilarating season has just started at the O2 Arena Stadium of Greenwich, London. An international symbol for remarkable London entertainment shows, the striking O2 Arena has been an obligatory destination for streams of fans coming from every corner of the globe. Its success is incredible and its popularity increases year by year thanks to the amazing London events calendar full of the most wanted stars from the music, sport and entertainment world. An atypical and original structure built between 1997 and 1999, the O2 Arena has an extraordinary capacity of 23,000 seats. A unique and wonderful structure, the O2 Arena also offers pleasant bars and restaurant where patrons can relax and have fun during their visit to the O2 Arena.

After innumerable astonishing live concerts, the O2 Arena is on board for an unusual and unexpected surprise for the big O2 Arena crowd: Lee Evans! A slim, tall and funny figure with a great personality and innate charisma, Lee Evans will be the first comedian to perform on the O2 Arena stage on 19 November 2008. Most loved stand-up comedian of his time, Lee Evans will be on tour through England for the next few months. Lee Evans Big UK Tour 2008 is a hilarious marathon of non-stop laughter. With 300,000 tickets available, Lee Evans' comedy show will be a huge triumph for which he has literally swept the English off their feet with his quick,smart, and witty comedy show line up. Lee Evans Big UK Tour 2008 will touch the massive London O2 Arena for an unforgettable comedy show in London. Brilliant in his genre of comedy, Lee Evans comedy show is a night of fun at an upbeat and fast rhythm. Lee Evans performance at the Manchester Evening News Arena in 2005 for 10,108 fans, brought him to the top of the comedy scene. Notorious comedian, Lee Evans will fly to over 11 different cities across the UK, so fans will have many opportunities to join the exhilarant Lee Evans Big UK Tour 2008.

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