London All Access Stadium Tour Ticket

Sports For All Seasons’ Package: 4 excellent Sports Tours in London

London’s reputation for having some of the most prestigious sports venues in the world has attracted tourists from all over the world to visit England’s historic capital.‘Gift Tours’ offers very reasonable prices for this package that lets you go on exclusive tours with some of the best guides in the world to the following famous London venues: Chelsea Football Club’s Stamford Bridge, Lord’s Cricket Ground, Twickenham Rugby Ground and Wimbledon Lawn Tennis. Adults can go to the four arguably most famous venues in London for an incredibly decent 40pounds and children for 28pounds. This package will be valid for a whole year and will also give you access to some of the best sport museums in London. This excellent London sport’s tours package will actually also save you a lot of money as single entry for these events would normally be priced much higher.

All Sports London Tour Package’ offers the truly excellent Chelsea Football Club’s Stamford Bridge Stadium Tour

Chelsea Football Club has a reputation as one of the best football teams in England with star players from all around the world. Tours of this stadium will allow you to take the exciting walk down the infamous Stamford Bridge Stadium tunnel out on to the finely kept pitch. Then the Stamford Bridge Tour takes you right inside the Chelsea player’s dressing rooms where the player prepare themselves for their thrilling Premier League matches and the manager gives his tense pre-match speech.

Tours of Chelsea Football Club also include a look around the Chelsea press room itself and you will get a feel of the place in which the players and managers take tough questions from the media. However, it is the brilliantly refurbished Chelsea Football Club Museum that proves to be one of the great highlights of the London ‘Sports for all Seasons Package.’ Football lovers will adore the video clips of Chelsea’s most amazing goals ever as well as the hilarious clips of Chelsea’s funniest goals. Kids with the London ‘Sports for all Seasons Package’ should particularly enjoy the interactive screens where they can select their favourite Chelsea team of all time and then see how it holds up against other dream teams.

How to get to Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge Stadium, London:
Getting to Stamford Bridge Stadium in south-west London is simple. You simply need to take the London underground to Fulham Broadway (served by the District Line), or, if you prefer to drive, you can take your car down the Fulham Road and you will find the Chelsea Stadium easy to spot!

‘All Sports London Tour Package’ offers the historical and fascinating tour around ‘Lord’s Cricket Ground’

Widely regarded as the home of cricket, Lord’s Cricket Ground is really a must-see for cricket lovers, sports fans and even just those interested in English culture and history. It combines a well-blended mixture of old and new with the ground and pavilion having its origins as far back as 1787, and the truly state-of-the-art modern installations like the ultra-cool Investec Media Centre that looms over the ground like an all-seeing eye for journalists and sports reporters alike.

The ‘All Sports London Tour Package’ has also secured special admission for its guests into the legendary Lords Cricket Ground Dressing Rooms where you can view the historical ‘honours board,’ which lists some incredible cricket heroes of the past, and also see the spot on the balcony from where the England team has for centuries watched cricket test matches. After this, the London Lord’s Cricket Ground Tour includes entry into the M.C.C. Museum and here you will be delighted by some of the historical pieces on display like the famous Ashes Urn and some amazing old cricket bats and cricket balls from very important test matches.

How to get to Lord’s Cricket Ground:
A good way to get to Lord’s Cricket Ground is by London underground on the Jubilee Line. If you want to drive, make your way towards St John’s Wood Road.(look it up on an A-Z map)

‘All Sports London Tour Package’ offers tours to the famous Twickenham Rugby Club

Twickenham Rugby Club has been host to some of the biggest rugby clashes ever, like the infamous 1991 World Cup Final game between Australia and England when Australia just managed to clinch a 12-6 victory. The ‘All Sports Tour Package’ gives you the opportunity to take the traditional stadium tour of this massive rugby stadium. Young and old will have the chance to experience what it feels like to run out of the player’s tunnel onto the pitch and imagine the excitement felt by the players as the crowd greets them with an almighty roar! Or you can take advantage of the Twickenham Rugby Club Tour’s exclusive entry into the amazing player’s dressing rooms and see where they prepare for their rugby matches.

On top of this, Twickenham Stadium Tours allows you to have a look around Twickenham’s World Rugby Museum where you can have a look at the biggest and arguably best collection of rugby souvenirs and items in London. There is also an interesting display of paintings depicting some old matches played at the ground. However, one of the most popular attractions to this Twickenham Tour and even to the ‘All Sports London Tour Package’ has to be the scrummaging machine(in fact it is hard to say whether this is better than the videos of Chelsea’s funniest football goals) and all in all this museum should provide both a learning experience and, just as importantly, a fun one too.

How to get to Twickenham Rugby Club:
The best way to get to Twickenham Stadium is by southwest trains from Waterloo Station or Reading. Or you can take the underground to Richmond (district line) or Hounslow (Piccadilly Line) but these underground stations are not so close to Twickenham Stadium. Another good way to get there is by taking the underground to Richmond and then an overground train to Twickenham Station. If you want to drive, you need to make your way to Rugby Road, TW1 1DJ, London.

‘All Sports London Tour Package’ offers the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Club Tour

Wimbledon has long been established as arguably the most prestigious and traditional sports venue in the world and every year it offers some of the most thrilling and exciting matches ever. The London all-packages tour of Wimbledon lets you be guided by professional Blue Badge Tour Guides around the tennis courts, changing rooms, museum, BBC Press Interview Rooms and all those places both public and private where some true tennis heroes, ranging from Boris Becker to Roger Federer, have got changed, warmed up, been interviewed and played some of the best tennis ever seen.

The exquisitely developed Wimbledon Museum is another amazing inclusion of the Wimbledon section of the ‘All Sports London Tour Package’ with a 200° Cinema explaining the Science of Tennis. Beware though! Only the brave will survive this ‘All Sports Tour Package’ for in the core of the museum roams the ghost of the legendary John McEnroe letting out various furious outbursts – a truly terrifying yet amusing experience!

How to get to Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Club:
The best way to get to Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Club is by underground to Southfields Underground Station (District Line) Then take one of the frequent shuttle bus to Wimbledon Tennis Club. You can drive to Wimbledon Stadium – you must simply make your way towards Church Road (postcode for Wimbledon Tennis stadium is: SW19 5AE).