Area Guide of Paris

The beautiful city of Paris has 20 municipal districts and each of them is unique and full of attractions you should not miss to see.

1st District - LOUVRE - LES HALLES

This district of Paris is a real paradise for tourists. The abundance of popular attractions, including the Museum of Louvre with its splendid collections, attracts travellers from all over the world.

Attractions in the Louvre - Market zone:

Paris Travel Guide The Louvre Museum of Art
Paris Travel Guide The Market Forums
Paris Travel Guide The Royal Palace
Paris Travel Guide The Vendôme
Paris Travel Guide The Tulip Gardens
Paris Travel Guide The National Gallery of “Jeu de Paume”
Paris Travel Guide The Arc de Triomphe and le Musée de l'Orangerie

2nd District - BOURSE

Paris Gare du Nord The 2nd district of Paris is divided into three zones: the district with the mode of Montorgeuil in the east, the financial district and the district of the opera in the west. In this district you should not miss to visit the National library, probably the largest library of Europe, where you can find over 12 million books including the bibles of Gutenberg and first editions of the 15th century.

Attractions in the Bourse zone:

Paris Travel Guide The National library of France and the Bourse de Paris
Paris Travel Guide The Tower of Jean Without Fear
Paris Travel Guide The Popular Music Theatre

3rd District - MARAIS

The Marsh is formed by the 3rd and 4th district. It is one of the oldest parts of Paris and in former times it was the residence of aristocrats. Some of this residences were turned into museums like the Picasso and Carnavalet Museum. In this fascinating district you can also find many churches and the famous Place of the Clock.

Attractions in the Marais zone:

Paris Travel Guide The Picasso Museum
Paris Travel Guide The Museum of art and history of the Judaism
Paris Travel Guide The Carnival Museum
Paris Travel Guide Place de l'Horloge with automat

4th District - NOTRE DAME

Paris Notre Dame This district constitutes the heart of the famous district “the Marsh”. The major attraction of this zone is doubtless the imposing Gothic cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris. Just at the age of 28, Victor Hugo wrote his famous novel, “Le bossu de Notre Dame”, which tells the tragic love story between the ringer of the cathedral and beautiful Esmeralda.

Attractions in the Notre Dame zone:

Paris Travel Guide L'Île de la Cité – Île St Louis
Paris Travel Guide Notre Dame de Paris
Paris Travel Guide L'Hôtel de Ville
Paris Travel Guide Centre Pompidou – Beaubourg
Paris Travel Guide Le Village St Paul
Paris Travel Guide Place des Vosges

5th District - QUARTIER LATIN

The 5th district is without question characterized mainly by the famous Latin Quarter although it is not summarized with that. The Latin Quarter draws its name from the Sorbonne, which attracts students from the whole world.

Attractions in the Latin Quarter:

Paris Travel Guide The garden of plantsLe Jardin des Plantes
Paris Travel Guide The Saint-Séverin church

6th District - ST. GERMAIN DES PRÉS

Formerly, St-Germain was the residence of the intellectual and aristocrats. Nowadays you can count many shops, art galleries and restaurants there.

Attractions in the St-Germain des pres zone:

Paris Travel Guide The Palace and the gardens of Luxembourg
Paris Travel Guide The Observatory of Paris.
Paris Travel Guide The St. Sulpice Church
Paris Travel Guide The National University of Arts

7th District- TOUR EIFFEL

In the 7th district famous symbols of Paris, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Museum of Orsay, can be found.

Eiffel tower zone in ParisAttractions in the Eiffel Tower zone:

Paris Travel Guide The Eiffel Tower.
Paris Travel Guide The Champ de Mars
Paris Travel Guide The Museum of Orsay.
Paris Travel Guide Invalids
Paris Travel Guide The Rodin Museum.
Paris Travel Guide The National Assembly - The Bourbon Palace

8th District - CHAMPS ELYSÉES

The 8th district is primarily characterised by the most beautiful avenue of the world, the Champs Elysées. This splendid avenue accommodates many tourists of the whole world in its bars, shops….

Attractions in the Champs Elysées zone:

Paris Travel Guide The Avenue of the Champs-Élysées
Paris Travel Guide The Large and the Small Palace
Paris Travel Guide La Place de la Concorde
Paris Travel Guide L'Arc de Triomphe
Paris Travel Guide La Place Charles de Gaulle – Etoile
Paris Travel Guide The Saint Augustin Church

9th District - OPÉRA

Arc de Triomph ParisThe 9th district is characterized by the Garnier Opera, a splendid building where plays and operas of the whole world are presented. This district is animated day and night. Its reputation is due to the grand boulevards, like the Crime Boulevard, where many stores await you with open arms.

Attractions in the Opera zone:

Paris Travel Guide The Garnier Opera
Paris Travel Guide The Grévin Museum
Paris Travel Guide The Church of the Holy Trinity
Paris Travel Guide The Gustave Moreau museum

10th District - GARE DU NORD

The 10th district is characterized by the presence of 2 stations: the North Station and the East Station. The Saint Martin Channel, which crosses this district, offers a splendid walk along its banks. Do not be surprised if you pass a train during your strolls!

Attractions in the Parks North zone:

Paris Travel Guide The North station (Gare du Nord)
Paris Travel Guide The West station (Gare de l'Est)
Paris Travel Guide The Saint Martin Channel

11th District - BASTILLE

The 11th district is known mainly because of the Bastille. If you are a curious traveller, you will discover many charming streets in this district.

Attractions in the Bastille zone:

Paris Travel Guide La Bastille
Paris Travel Guide The Bastille Opera
Paris Travel Guide The Saint Ambroise church
Paris Travel Guide The Sainte Marguerite church

12th District - GARE DE LYON – BERCY

In this district, you can walk in the more green places of Paris, the Wood of Vincennes. Continue your walk in the famous Zoo of Vincennes or the Floral garden of Paris. You will also find one of the more import train stations of Paris, Gare de Lyon.

Attractions in the Gare de Lyon – Bercy zone:

Paris Travel Guide The Park and Palace of the Omnisport de Bercy
Paris Travel Guide The Gare de Lyon
Paris Travel Guide Chinatown
Paris Travel Guide The Wood of Vincennes
Paris Travel Guide The Zoo of Vincennes
Paris Travel Guide The Museum of African and Oceania arts

13th District - GARE D'AUSTERLITZ

Attractions in the Parks of Austerlitz zone:

Paris Travel Guide The Place of Jeanne, d'Arc
Paris Travel Guide The Sainte Anne de la Butte Church
Paris Travel Guide The Austerlitz Station

14th District - MONTPARNASSE

Paris Montsouris parkAt the 20th century, Montparnasse was a centre of attraction for many artists of the avant-garde like Chagall and Modigliani. Formerly a place of predilection of the American community, the zone around the Montparnasse Boulevard offers many bars and restaurants and has an animated night life. It is also the seat of the Observatory of Paris.

Attractions in the Montparnasse zone

Paris Travel Guide The Tour Montparnasse
Paris Travel Guide The Cemetery of Montparnasse Catacombs
Paris Travel Guide The Montsouris Park
Paris Travel Guide The Observatory of Paris

15th District - PARIS EXPO

This district accommodates the impressing EXPO site of Paris, localised Porte de Versailles, where many international exhibitions are held. This district has one of the biggest stations of Paris, the Montparnasse Station. This station houses trains for South-West train zone.

Attractions in the Paris Expo zone:

Paris Travel Guide Exhibition site of Paris
Paris Travel Guide The Bridge of Bir-Hakeim
Paris Travel Guide The Sports Hall
Paris Travel Guide The Place of June 18, 1940


The 16th district is one of the largest districts of the capital and a tourist attraction centre. The prevalent feeling is to be in a quiet small town rather than the big Paris. Make sure you take a walk in the famous Bois de Boulogne, a park of 865 hectares at the western end of Paris, created under the Empire of Napoleon III.

Attractions in the Trocadéro zone - Park of the Princess:

Paris Travel Guide The Palace of Chaillot
Paris Travel Guide The Gardens of Trocadéro
Paris Travel Guide The Woods of Boulogne
Paris Travel Guide The Palace of Tokyo
Paris Travel Guide The Park of Princes
Paris Travel Guide The Navy Museum
Paris Travel Guide The House of Balzac

17th District - PALAIS DES CONGRÈS

Paris Arc de la DefenseThe 17th district is characterised by the Palace of Congress. It is the place where spectacles, seminars and exposures of high level and of national or international importance take place. Also the Arch of Defence is definitely one of the places you should make sure to see on your tourist journey to Paris.

Attractions in the Palace of Congress zone:

Paris Travel Guide The Palace of Congress
Paris Travel Guide The Jean-Jacques Henner museum
Paris Travel Guide La Défense

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