Caravan holidays

Seemingly years and years ago, dragging a caravan to a field in some far-flung area of the British Isles was the height of tourist chic. For all sorts of reasons – economic and a sort of home-sickness seemingly top of the list – caravanning thrived in the pre-package holiday world. These days, due to the explosion of budget air travel and package deals, caravanning isn't that popular anymore. It conjures images of musty, cramped, Formica boxes; doily-strewn fold-away tables; and uncomfortably close-quarters living. The sight of slightly dishevelled looking caravans in every other suburban driveway is a thing of the past.

Well, with a relatively new guilt attached to air travel, and a renewed interest in the British countryside, 'touring' (as it might generously be known) is back on the travel agenda. Of course, this doesn't mean buying a vast, off-white trailer-home – in fact, it doesn't necessarily mean caravans at all. Winnedbagos and motor homes are the order of the day, and they offer nearly everything the travelling family could require, including the kitchen sink. Depending on budget, you can get something mildly ludicrous to live in for a couple of weeks; with pretty standard features including television, double beds, shower, chemical toilet, living room and kitchen – all contained within the confines of what is ostensibly a van. They really are things of obnoxious beauty.

Renting these monsters of the road is very easy today – and relatively cheap, offering the life of a rock band on tour for a lot less than most self-catering equivalents. Still, if that's a little too conspicuous for your tastes, why not follow suit with just a car and a tent? The same sites open to caravans are generally open to campers, and it is certainly a much less expensive choice. Car hire is all you need consider – unless you have your own, then car insurance should be your only qualm, depending, of course, on where you're travelling to. Either way, Holiday Autos car hire will provide for your needs, respectively.

Touring needs not be the historic prevail of your grandparents – nor do you need to restrict yourself to the UK alone. You can rent all manner of motor homes all over the world, and the dom that they can lend to a holiday is worthy of their consideration alone.