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welcome to Beijing

"Welcome to Beijing" as the 100-day Olympic countdown song, has showed the friendly enthusiasm of Beijing welcomes to the guests from all over the world.

Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China, it is the economic, cultural and political centre of the country and also an important hub for international exchanges. Beijing with 3000 years of history, is an important historical and cultural city, and it is one of China's six ancient capitals.

welcome to Beijing

Beijing with its long history, rich culture and important international status, attracts a large number of foreign tourists, and it is the world's famous tourist centre with the opening up of more than 200 tourist attractions. “The New Beijing 16 View” include The Tian'anmen Square, Palace Museum, Beihai Park, Grandview Garden, Big Bell Temple, Temple of Heaven, Marco Polo Bridge, Fragrance Hill, The Summer Palace, Ming Tombs, Ba Da Ling Great Wall, Mu Tianyu Great Wall, Peking Man Site at Zhoukoudian, Longqin Gorge and so on. Whether it is natural scenery, historical architecture, or simply a hutong, they all have been documented in the history of Beijing, and has witnessed the ups and downs of the fate of Beijing, permeated with a long history of Beijing culture. With the success of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the gold medals of the “New Beijing 16 View” have been published. It must be the most timeless and most valuable collection of the Olympic Games when the city's century-old history is combined with the modern Olympic sports.

In Beijing, you can see and feel the unique atmosphere of culture and arts. Except for the well-known tourist attractions such as the Palace Museum, the Forbidden City, and Big Bell Temple, alley and courtyard in Beijing are also unique symbols of Beijing City. Beijing's traditional courtyard is surrounded by houses, and the alley formed by the courtyards is the famous old Beijing “Hutong”. Beijing Hutong with the number of more than 7,000, are almost spread all over the city. With the various styles of bars and buildings at both sides of Hu Tong, it attracts a large number of tourists abroad. In addition, there are a lot of well-known religious temples around Beijing.

welcome to Beijing

Beijing is the city full of rich and varied cultural life, with all kinds of leisure and entertainment, and international variety of performances and exhibition. Peking Opera as China's "national essence" is the muse see for tourists in Beijing. There are several places in Beijing that can appreciate the Peking Opera such as Chang An Grand Theatre, Mei-Lanfang Grand Theatre, National Centre for the Performing Arts, Hu Guang Hall and Lao She Tea House. The famous Wangfujing shopping street is the heaven for shoppers; Sanlitun Bar Street, Hou Hai bar street and Nan Luo Gu Xiang bar area are the favourite place that young people spend night time.

With China's rapid economic development since opening-up, Beijing as China's important economic and cultural centre, has played a more and more important position in the international community. The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games gave people more chance to know Beijing and to understand China. Beijing is becoming the favourite place for international tourism, students and so on. If you want to get more information about Beijing travel, please visit Beijing Tourist Administration. You must be complicated by Beijing's traffic and confused by the choice of tourist attraction and accommodation in Beijing.Gift-Tours offers the information of accommodation you will need for your travel in Beijing. For more information about accommodation in Beijing city, please search for the perfect Beijing accommodation through our search engines, or submit an enquiry or contact us!