Billy Elliot

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Venue: Victoria Palace Theatre, London
Genre: Play (Romantic Comedy)
Dates: Present - Saturday 18th December, 2010
Times: Monday - Saturday 7.30 p.m., Thursday and Saturday 2.30 p.m.
Duration: 3 hours
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Billy Elliot Billy Elliot takes place during the miners' strike of the mid-80s in the small town of Everington, U.K. The musical centres around an 11 year-old boy, Billy Elliot, whose father and older brother work in the mines, his mother long passed on. Billy's father enrolls him in boxing classes. But when the studio beneath the gym is transformed into a soup kitchen for the striking miners and the ballet class that occupies it is forced to use the gym above, Billy is smitten. With the help of the ballet teacher, Julie Walters, Billy starts skipping his boxing lessons and learning ballet in secret...

Billy Elliot, first debuted in 2000 as a film, has proven itself a hit with theatre audiences as one of the most comedic and tragic musicals to hit the stage in London. Following the tradition of musicals about the difficulties of youth, like Grease and Dirty Dancing, Billy Elliot debuted in the West End in 2005 at the Victoria Palace Theatre, London.

Between a pirouette and an arabesque, Billy Elliot the musical will conquer the audiences' hearts.

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