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I went to Brighton with 3 wonderful girls that I met during my internship in New Romney. We wanted to explore a new city, and the choice fell on Brighton as we had heard so much nice feedback from people who had already been there. We were staying at a nice Brighton hotel with the perfect location. Our hotel in Brighton was in the centre of the main landmarks like the Brighton Pier and the West Pier. The Royal Pavilion and the and the Brighton Pavilion was not far away either, as it was in walking distance from our accommodation. The best thing with the Brighton Pier was that it had a fun fair there. You could do all sorts of fun fair activities and they also sold great snack food as crepes, ice cream and candy.

Our hotel was just across the road from the beach where there was a lot of bars and clubs. This was perfect for us as we also wanted to explore the night-life in Brighton. They had something for every type of interest when it came to music and opening times. There was a place that was open till 6pm which was kind of a meeting place for people who wanted to stay out longer. However, there was also a lot of clubs and bars in the town, so you should not be bored if you like to party.

Brighton is a town with a lot of young people as it is known to be a great student city. If it was up to me, I would have continued my studies in Brighton as this town has so much to offer. We met a lot of nice and friendly people. A popular thing to do is to sit on the beach with a bonfire for barbecuing and talk before or after the clubs have closed. However, one downside is that it is usually al lot of wind at the beach, so you should have some warm clothes with you if you are planning to sit there for a while.

You can also do a lot of shopping. There is a shopping centre and many other shops along the streets. If you are not up for shopping you can visit one of the many cafeterias or restaurants to have a nice meal and relax.

My friends and I really liked this city! I have spread the good words to all of my friends at home, and they are very tempted to visit Brighton now!