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Explore ancient Maya culture in sunny Cancun!

Do you know the leisure city of Cancun in Mexico? Thanks to the Cancun Hotels, you will rest well while discovering the Mexican Caribbean.

Centric hotel zone for tourists is located in the 7-shaped island where the modern beach front allures visitors. In this area you may find several all inclusive Cancun hotels. In fact, the hotel zone of Cancun, is built in a shape of number 7 with bridges connecting to the mainland. That is why the area is named the 7 shaped hotel zone. Cancun is a world’s renowned tourist resort.

In Cancun you can see the Maya architecture of Mexico. Cancun was originally inhabited by Maya people called as the Nizuc. Unfortunately after the conquest, the Mayas died by diseases, warfare, piracy and famine. In fact, the name Cancun appeared already on the 18th century and before, it was written on the maritime maps as Throne of the Snakem. The name was supposed to scare the pirates away. But don’t worry, if you happen to see pirates in the hotels in Cancun, they are just a team of animators.

At the origin, Cancun’s main businesses were fishing and a coconut plantation and Cancun had not hotels. Some investors and the Mexican government financed the first nine hotels. The first hotel in Cancun was the Hyatt Cancun Caribe.

The hotels in Cancun organize excursions, where you can discover the Mayan archaeological sites. You can see the vestiges of the pre-Columbian Maya civilization. The king’s ruins are located in the Cancun hotels zone. You can find other remarkable attraction, El Meco, just outside the city on the road to Punta Sam. Next to the Riviera Maya and the Grand Costa Maya, there are the sights of Coba, Muyil, Pole, Kohunlich, Kinichna, Dzinbanche, Oxtankah, Tulumand Chaccoben.

After visiting the Mayan archaeological sites, you can visit to centre of Cancun city. The downtown part also known as the Mainland part of the city is not residential area. The Mainland Cancun is bicycle-friendly, because there are lot of sidewalks around the central park. Dont forget to visit beautiful central market. You can also find an outlet mall and colorful buildings on a pedestrian city block.

Before leaving Cancun, you can go to visit, Nichupte Laggon, an island in the Caribbean sea and rent a boat or jet ski and drive through the jungle !