Discover the perfect blend of culture and entertainment in Copenhagen!

It is time for Copenhagen!

Copenhagen, capital city of Denmark, is such a lovely place to be. It is big enough to find plenty of shopping, culture and nightlife possibilities but still small enough to be intimate, safe and easy to get around. Copenhagen offers many things to see, everyone can find something for their taste. Book a Copenhagen hotel and make your trip a reality! If you check hotels in Copenhagen in advance you might get some exclusive Copenhagen hotel deals! So if you are up to the adventure, go for it!

Copenhagen has a town centre and some suburbs which have their own character. There is Vesterbro, the city's hippest quarter, where you can find excellent possibilities to shop, eat, drink and have a great night out. The amusement park Tivoli is located in this area. Secondly, there is Osterbro, a stately suburb where families live and where you can find large, green areas and open spaces. It is one of the most expensive living areas and its is evident as many exclusive designer stores are located here. Thirdly, there is Norrebro, a class district with little shops. It is a hot spot with popular shops, a lot of cafes, restaurants and places to hang out. Sankt Hans Torv counts several young trendy cafes and is one of the places to be in the area.

Out of the three areas mentioned above, Osterbro is regarded as the most beautiful one. It is also the area where the statue of the Little Mermaid, one of the most photographed statues in the world, can be found. It is inspired by the fairytale of Hans Christian Andersen, who lived some time in Copenhagen. Copenhagen truly is the city where fairytales are told, since Hans Christian Andersen lived there. There is a statue of the Little Mermaid, inspired by the fairytale of Andersen. It is one of the most photographed statues in the world.

Its closeness to the water gives it a very nice atmosphere.