Annual Events and Exhibitions in London

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What's on in London?

The UK's capital is the greatest city in the world for all kinds of great events. So if you are interested in music, theatre, art, festivals and entertainment in London, this section is the right place for you!

The current exhibitions pages is the section you must not miss if you want to be up to date about what is happening in London as it will give you an overview of the greatest annual events. Take part of London's events and have the time of your life.

Furthermore we also offer accommodation for you, if you are visiting one of the London's events contact us under our number 0800 11 234 55!

Here you can have a look at events and exhibitions in London

New Year's Day Parade
Chinese New Year
London Marathon
Chelsea Flower Show
The Tower Music Festival
Notting Hill Carnival
Thames Festival
London Film Festival
Christmas in Trafalger Square

New Year's Day Parade:

Thousands of people celebrate the annual New Year's Day Parade in London. This is one of the most important annual events in London. Not only passes the route of the parade some of London's greatest sights, for example Parliament Square, Trafalgar Square and Big Ben but also great marching bands and dance troupes from the United States join the parade.
Date: 1st January

Chinese New Year:

This events entairtains the whole family, first a colourful parade will go along Charing Cross and Shaftesbury Avenue, then the events continues at Trafalgar Square, where you can see dancing lions, dazzling dragons and theatre and show performers from both London and China. In Leicester Square you can watch fireworks and you get traditional food, cultural stalls and decorations in Chinatown.
Date: varies from late January to mid-February

London Marathon:

First organized by former Olympic champion Chris Brasher in march 1981 but became soon an annual event. Since the first marathon in London the event growed in size and each year about 50 000 people attend this fabulous event.
Date: 26 April

The Chelsea Flower Show:

One of the most famous exhibitions in London - here you can admire the newest and the most beautiful gardening products and be part of the latest gardening trends. About 600 international exhibitors, from Barbados, France, Sri Lanka, Jamaica, Sweden, etc., are showing their abilities and getting judged afterwards.
Date: 19-23 May


What's on in London?? Of course we have to mention Wimbledon - the premier tennis tournament in the world for players, spectators, officials and neighbours. The Millenium Building gets renovated constantly and increased the seating capacity to 15 000 and erect a retractable roof. But Wimbledon doesn't only take place in the Millenium Building, because ther are fan zones all over London and thousends of people watch the games from big screens.
Date: 22 june till 5 july

The Tower Music Festival:

Over fifteen nights the Tower of London turns into the most wanted music venue for the best entertainment in London. This festival in London takes place near the Tower Pier, in the grounds of the western side of the tower. This festival in London features some of the biggest names in pop, rock, theatre and opera, the ticket prices depend on the artists but the average price is between 35£ and 74£.
Dates: end of June till beginning of July

Notting Hill Carnival:

The largest celebration of its kind in Europe, the Notting Hill Carnival takes place since 1966 each August Bank Holiday. Nowadays a full-blooded Caribbean carneval, started by West Indian immigrants as a local festival. 100 of stalls lining the streets, spectacular floats and massive sound systems are waiting for the millions of visitor from around the world, who are coming each year. The Notting Hill Carnival became probably London's most exciting annual event.
Date: Each Bank Holiday in August

Thames Festival:

A city centre party - and open for all, taking place between Tower Bridge and Westminster Bridge, is nowadays one of the most inportant london's events. This festival in London brings thousands of people together to make sculptures, listen to music, dance, watch movies, watch theatre, eat, drink, just to have the best entertainment in London. Here the audience is not just a spectacure but an active participant so that everybody can enjoy this fabulous event in London.
Date: middle weekend in September

London Film Festival:

The most interesting part of this unique festival in London is that you can find the people, who are involved in making the film, in the audience, from actors, producers, stuntmen, ets., and so the audience gets the chance to ask questions of their stars. What makes this festival so unique is that they bring films to the public, that wouldn't get a uk screening otherwise. So take the chance to watch some films, you might wouldn't see otherwise!
Date: 1 october - 30 November

Christmas in Trafalgar Square:

It became a tradtion for more than 60 Years that the people of London get a wonderful Christmas tree from the people of Norway as a thank you for Britain's support for Norway during World War 2. This tradition means a lot to the people of London, as it sets the countdown to Christmas. This is one of London's events which you shouldn't miss.
Date: 6 December