Dylan house studio apartments

From the solid and imposing structure, from the strong white color which gives off an aura of safety and reliability, surfaces a fabulous studio apartments complex just few minutes away from Paddington tube station. In a serene residential area, imposes its presence a 150 years old structure, originally built as a Victorian Family House, turned into a family bed & breakfast over 50 years ago, become gradually up until today a real boutique hotel: Dylan House.

In the schematic areas subdivision of London, this innovative hotel is situated in the central zone 1 and it also offers a well connected and refined location. Paddington is a lively and neat zone rich of many kind of restaurants and lovely shops, suitable for a peaceful and relaxing stay but, just around its corner, the streets of the town centre are swarming whit people; its advantageous position will allow you to reach, whit a simple stroll, the prestigious and amazing places of Hyde Park, Portobello Road and the crowded West End. London, icon of enjoyment and eccentricity, is furthermore a symbolic model of class, luxury and polished style so, if you looking for a modern and high qualified environment, give yourself a chance and book here your suit.

Dylan House has 20 rooms, among which one twins, two triple and one single, divided in four floors. This is a light, bright background, charming to see and good to smell which offers a full reception service, a everyday housekeepers, and an authentic hotel comfort feeling to your home. The rooms are very spacious, fully furnished to the last detail and well organized, the furniture are new or well kept and the wooden floors give a sense of cleanness and freshness.

Every room provides personal bathroom and kitchen which also is fully furnished, quite comfortable and incredibly nice. In any moment you can feel a relaxed and secure atmosphere around your own and total privacy; an ideal combination for a romantic week end or for a well treated break. It also is suitable for independent business trip r for long term accommodation; you will have anything you may need in your studio apartment, even 24h internet wireless.

It is time to move on trying the studio apartments innovations, a choice for a total privacy and independency. Well connected whit Heathrow airport, Paddington station is easy to reach and attractive to visit; a good start for your stay in London.

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