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Banqueting House

banquetting house london The last great national ceremony held at the Banqueting House took place on 13 February 1689, now it is one of the must-see historical and architectural attractions in London. At the Banqueting House you can experience the extraordinary architecture of the House, the detailed work characteristic for the Italian renaissance, and see the only surviving ceiling painting of Peter Paul Rubens in all its glory. Explore the history of the House and come close to where a King was executed.

Originally a part the Palace of Whitehall, the Banqueting House is the only remaining part of Whitehall, a building commissioned by Henry VIII. The architecture of the House is close to perfection and marvels the guests with all its detail. Being one of the first buildings built according to the principles of Palladianism it was part of the revolution of British architecture.

banquetting house london One of the main things to see in the Banqueting House is without a doubt the famous ceiling painting of Peter Paul Rubens. The painting is the only surviving master piece of the artist. It was also one of the last things King Charles I saw before he was beheaded! Definitely worth a visit.

Explore the place, where King Charles I was executed, experience the Undercroft, a drinking den built for James I, and enjoy a classical concert!

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