Going on holiday is a moment that everyone experiences sooner or later. A holiday is the opportunity to take a break from the daily routine of everyday life, and experience new adventures in a new culture. London is one of the most favourite tourist destinations in the world. This corner of Europe offers an unforgettable and rich life experience for someone who wants something different and original for a holiday in London. However, trying to plan a London holiday alone can become a major chore.

The Internet has plenty of web sites that offer a London holiday including London sightseeing attractions, London accommodation, and helpful advice for your holiday in London. The ideal place for travellers to do their one stop shopping is Gift-tours.com, an innovative web site that gathers all the information you need and everything you should know about London, just with a fast click of the mouse. Gift-tours.com is easy to browse, clear, and comprehensive as well as fascinating in its superb suggestions. It is translated in nine different languages for every traveller, which denotes its flexibility and knowledge of London travelling. It provides an attractive list of London attractions, London exhibitions, and immersion of London culture and history.

Gift-tours has different kinds of guided London tours that you can choose from. Gift-tours packages are suitable for every occasion, all types of travellers from young to old, and families. Gift-tours has a high standard of reliability and quality treatment for all of its London travellers.

For travellers who dream of spending a holiday in the English capital of London, Gift-tours offers detailed and organized trips through the magical atmosphere of London. Must see London attractions include Big Ben and The House of the Parliament, Buckingham Palace and the Changing of the Guards. Another famous London attraction is the beautiful Gothic art of Westminster Abbey and the late Renaissance fine style of St Paul’s Cathedral. Gift-tours provides London sightseeing tours that will drive you through the constellation of museums that enrich London; from the Guards Museum to the Churchill Museum (first national Museum dedicates to Winston Churchill), from the Cartoon Museum to many others historical aspects.

Take advantage of a detailed and personalized London sightseeing tour in a typical English black taxi through the unscrupulous Soho streets, or through the village countryside. One might choose a general view of the London capital from the traditional red Double Decker Buses, or a unique experience on the original boats along the River Thames.

For an all in one access to London attractions, try the incomparable offer of the London Pass. This thicket will allow you enter to 55 among the most famous events and the most popular attractions in London. Whit London pass, easy to buy using gift-tours.com web site, you will have the possibility to save a significant amount of money for every event; for example you will have access to the London Zoo in Regent’s Park, the most ancient scientific zoo that today welcomes around 650 different species of animals, saving £14.50, adult normal price ticket. As a conclusion, London pass will be your only ticket, the one that you need to show to every single event from which you can choose from, avoiding long and exhausting queues.

Gift-tours is a 360° service that thinks also about transports and accommodations. Apart from packages tours that it offers, it gives an help for your independence in London; you will have the occasion to contact the gift-tours call centre, available every day during the whole year, to reserve taxi, luxurious cars or even a limousine, for your transfers from the five main airports in London through whole city, for short or long distances. Thanks to very specialized services, you will receive high treatment, luxury and comfort you want. Feel to contact the call centre to rent flats or to reserve hotel rooms, if you are not completely satisfied whit the on-line modality, or simply to receive superb suggestions about the gastronomic riches that this Country has.

From your arrival, through all your stay, your spear time to your departure during your London holiday, Gift-tours will be always whit you, it will turn your holiday into a dream come true.

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