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Recommended duration: 2-5 days

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London Transportation

Airport Taxi Transfer

Airport Transfer Taxi

Do you ever feel that public transport takes too much time and effort? London taxi transfer operates under the principle of providing customers with the best 24 hours a day service. The taxi is driven by your very own driver who is just a phone call away. It is the most convenient way to get around without having to worry about finding the right bus point or platform. Booking a taxi is so quick, easy and straight forward.

Duration: available 24 hours, 7 days a week
Prices from: available on request
Served areas: all Airports, London

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Shuttle Transfer

National ExpressLondon Airport Transfer

This service gives you a cheaper alternative as well as a comfortable journey from Lonodn Airports to any destination of your choice and vice versa. For those who value sustainable environment highly, this shared travel in a shuttle would also reduce your carbon footprint. Conveniently, there are tracking technologies installed on shuttles providing up-to-minute flight information in addition to the holding of special right to use bus lanes in avoidance of traffic congestions!

Duration: available 24 hours, 7 days a week
Prices from: One way: £19 Return: £30
Served areas: London city,Canary Wharf, Heatrow airport, Gatwick airport

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London Accommodation

Marble Arch Inn Hotel

Marble Arch London Accommodation

When you first arrive at this gorgeous, cheap, newly refurbished bed and breakfast hotel , you are greeted with an extremely friendly atmosphere. It is suggested to be a hotel with good service, offering stylish facilities and quality service at very competitive prices. It is located next to Marble Arch at the centre of London in a residential area, giving you the opportunity to explore local living life style. All major attractions are within short walking distance including Hyde Park, Oxford Street, London’s Theatre Land and Museums.

Location: 49-50 Upper Berkeley Street London
Prices from: £80
Breakfast: Yes

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Astors Hyde Park Hostel

Astors Hyde Park Hostel London

The hostel stands out with its brilliant location next to Hyde Park, Kensington Palace and Queensway, within a walking distance to Notting Hill Gate and Portobello Market in London. It is thought to be ideal for 18-30 year old budget traveller coming to London, offering hospitality up to 8 beds per room as well as giving you the option to choose either single sex or mixed accommodations. There are many facilities available including internet, washer/dryer, central heating, safe deposit and the luxury of having balconies where you can relax over one drink or two.

Location: London west: Westminster; Tube station: Gloucester road
Prices from: £80
Breakfast: Yes

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London Tours

London Duck Tour

Duck Tour London

London Duck Tours is an unique, fun and informative trip that is highly recommended by Gift-tours. It offers one of the most enjoyable tours of London, combining transport by land and water along the Thames River. Additionally, it is an exciting adventure for visitors and tourists of all ages. The craft has a historical value based on the design of ‘DUKWS’, which was originally used to take troops ashore for the D-Day landings during WWII. This tour is one of the greatest way to view what London has to offer.

Duration: 75 minutes
Prices from: £10
Departure: The tours begin at Chicheley St. Waterloo (behind the London Eye).

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The Jack the Ripper London Tour

Jack the Ripper London

This is a trip that young couples may especially find exciting. It explores the “dark side of London” by discovering places where numerous public executions took place and the hospital where the famous Elephant man lived. At some point you will be asked to leave the bus to walk along the death trail of Jack the Ripper and investigate murder sites and discuss suspects.

Duration: Summer (April to October) from 17.40 to 20.00 Winter (November to March) from 17.40 to 21.00
Prices from: £19
Departure: Victoria Hotel

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UK Tours

Windsor Castle And Runnymede

Windsor Runnymede Castle

The tour will first set off to visit Windsor Castle where over 900 years of royal history is contained. From William the Conqueror through to the current Queen of England, successive monarchs have lived here and left their marks on what is now the largest continuously occupied castle in the world. You are able to see the entire place for yourself with your very own personal ticket. What’s more, Windsor itself is an interesting town full of traditional shops and historic pubs. The tour continues to Runnymede where the source of the modern British legal framework is located.

Duration: Half day
Prices from: £38

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Edinburgh Day Trip

Edinburgh Sightseeing Tour

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland, the second largest city after Glasgow. It is an exceptional place located on the Scottish coast and with superb architectures boasting over 16,000 listed buildings. Your visit in Edinburgh-day-pack is designed to give you a thorough insight into the great city itself as well as the opportunity to attend artistic events like the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Most of all, the city offers an extraordinary atmosphere especially suitable for young couples looking for romance.

Duration: 2 days trip
Prices from: Available on request
Departure: Available on request

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London Tickets

Dirty Dancing Musical at the London Aldwych Theatre

London Dirty Dancing Musical

This is another big success that the theatre has translated from the big screen. It is hot, passionate and touching, leaving young couples with a sensational feeling by the end of the evening. The romantic adventure is set in the summer of 1963, when the young Baby and her family were having a summer vocation. She met the fascinating and handsome dancing instructor Johnny Castle and consequently a serious of events occurred challenged their social status and love. Every generation has fallen head over heel for this ‘fairy-tale’ like musical, make sure you don’t miss Dirty Dancing Musical!

Duration: Present - Saturday 17 October 2009
Prices from: £15
Location: Tube station: Covent Garden, Temple

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Chicago Musical at London Cambridge Theatre

Chicago London Show Tickets

For a hot and exciting evening event, Chicago musical offers young couples a sexy and unpredictable experience as the tragic story takes you back to the fascinating period of 1926. The plot is sophisticated as the two protagonists, Velma and Roxie try to maneuver the media power to their side in avoidance of being accused of a murder. It is strongly recommended by Gift-tours as it is a piece of history in the world culture.

Duration: Present - Saturday 27th March 2010
Prices from: £15
Location: Tube station: Charing cross station

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London Restaurants

Albannach in Trafalgar Square

Albannach Restaurant Trafalgar Square

After an adventurous day in London the Albannach restaurant located in Trafalgar Square, will complete your day. A delicious meal will be awaiting for you.

Location: 66 Trafalgar Square, Tube station: Charing cross
Cuisine: Scottish
Opening hours:
Monday-friday 7.30-1am Saturday 8.30-1am Sunday 9am - midnight
Brunch at weekends from noon -5pm

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Bank Westminster Restaurant

Bank Westminster London

This modern restaurant in London is the perfect place to dine in. Bank Westminster is located between the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace. This beautiful restaurant is ideal for outside dining in the warmer weather. Enjoy your delicious meal with a friendly service. Bank Westminster is a great place to meet friends for cocktails or for post dinner drinks.

Location: 45 Buckingham Gate

To find out more information go to Bank Westminster London. Or feel to call us on +44 (0) 800 11 234 55 and we will plan a tour with you.

Here is an example how your 4-day London trip could look like (prices per person):

Tour Price
Dot2Dot2 Transfer Service (Return) £30.00
Marble arch Inn Hotel (3 nights) £240.00
London duck tour £10
Uk tour (Windsor Castle and Runnymede)(W £38
Dirty Dancing tickets £15.00
Albannach restaurant (one main course) £15
Total Price: £ 348.00

Be more than welcome to choose any of these magnificent accommodations and suggested London Tours, we promise that you will enjoy your stay in London. If you wish to stay here for a long duration then why not explore them all! Ideally a two weeks stay in London with allow you to explore all the sites of London.

Prices given are subject to change. All bookings are provided by our partners and comprise a contract between the user and them, not Gift-tours, though we are able to give discounts if the user purchases items as a package. The user is responsible to assess the terms and conditions of each partner before make the booking. Contact us on +44 (0) 800 11 234 55 for further enquiry and your special offer.