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The London Sightseeing Pass - your ticket to the city!

Do you want to see London but haven't got much time?
Do you want to pack as much into your London trip as possible but save time, money and stress?
Because that's what we're offering!

There is so much to see and do in and around London, just deciding where to go can be a real headache, much less planning the trip! Is there a simpler way?

The London Sightseeing Pass!

The London Sightseeing Pass is a single ticket that gives you fast, no-queuing access to 55 of the most popular attractions in and around London (see attractions below). These include museums, stately homes, cinemas, natural attractions, gardens, galleries, tours, famous sporting facilities, London Zoo, important London landmarks and many other unforgettable experiences!
It will also make you applicable for discounts in various shops and restaurants, and you can even choose to include transport with your pass, via the London underground or London's big red buses.

Is there anywhere else in the world where you can have:

  • access to 55 top attractions
  • no queuing
  • discounts in selected stores
  • discounts in selected restaurants
  • travel

...all on a single ticket?!

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London Sightseeing Pass Testimonials

The London Pass is the best way to find all the attractions easily and to save a lot of money. Thanks to it I spent some exciting and unforgettable days here.

Anja, Germany

Definitely worth the money we spent. We explored the city easily and saved a lot of money and everything without any sign of stress.

Esteban, Argentina

Fast Track entry is awesome, you feel a bit like a VIP. Me and my husband had a legendary time here in London. I will recommend the London Pass to my friends.

Lilly, USA

Some of the attractions listed below in London have free entrance with the London Pass!

All London Pass Attractions

London Pass - Alexander Fleming Museum
Discover the remarkable story of how Alexander Fleming's discovery revolutionised medicine! At St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, London, you can visit the birthplace of Penecillin! You will have the chance to visit the reconstruction of the laboratory of Alexander Fleming as it was in 1928. More

London Pass - Apsley House
Visit the last aristocratic town house in London! It was Duke Wellington who decided to settle down in Apsley House after he carried the decisive victory over Napoleon at Waterloo. He then displayed his amazing art collection of paintings in Apsley House that is open to public since then. More

London Pass - Banqueting House
Completed in 1622 and still astounding its visitors- the Banqueting House is frequently used for impressive celebrations. Designed bei Indigo Jones for King James I, the Banqueting House was originally built for entertainment of the upper class. Banqueting House is the only remainder of Whitehall Palace that was the monarch's principal residence during his leadership. More

London Pass - Benjamin Franklin House
As the home of Benjamin Franklin, the Benjamin Franklin House is the only remaining residence of the great man who was scientist, philosopher, inventor and Founding Father of the United Nations at the same time. For nearly sixteen years Benjamin Franklin lived and worked behind its doors that are now open to public as well and the Benjamin Franklin House serves as an Student Science Center. More

London Pass - Britain at War Museum
Recreating sounds, sights and smells, the Britain at War Experience offers a realistic insight in the life during World War II. Either you can have a look on evacuation process, or you will experience how life was on the Home Front. This living museum shows more than just the damages of the city due to the bomb dropping and the dolor of London's inhabitants. Documents, fotos, recordings and much more will increase your understanding of this time of national importance. More

London Pass - Chelsea Cinema
Chelsea Cinema is the perfect place to catch a movie after your exciting sightseeing day. With its huge screen, digital projection and Dolby surround Sound Chelsea Cinema is always worth visiting it. Located on the vibrating King's Road Chelsea Cinema is usually very well attended. With your London Pass you will get free entry from Monday to Thursday and before 5 pm from Friday to Sunday. More

London Pass - Chelsea FC Stadium Tour
A must-see attraction for football fans! With your London Pass you will have an extraordinary insight behind the scenes of London's most successful football club of the 21st century. You are interested in the preparation and rituals of the team right before a match? You want to have a seat in the changing room of your stars? Then you should not hesitate and book your Chelsea FC Stadium Tour with your London Pass! More

London Pass - Chelsea Physic Garden
To take a break from the busy sightseeing day in London Chelsea Physic Garden is the most recommendable place to spend some time. Friends of nature will be amazed by 5000 different species of plants. The beautiful garden was opened in 1673 in order to implement the scientific research and plant conservation. More

London Pass - Chislehurst Caves
"Miles of history and mystery"- These are the famous Chislehurst Caves that fascinate any visitor! Over 20 miles of dark and mysterious passages, dug by hand over a period from 8000 years. The history of the Chislehurst Caves is long, the caves provided shelter for those who were searching for it, during the World War the caves became part of Woolwich Arsenal, used as an ammonition depot, and nowadays Chislehurst Caves are favoured place for film locations. More

London Pass - Churchill Museum
This fantastic museum allows its visitors to have an amazing insigth in Winstons Churchill's life- his early childhood, political career and when he became Britain's Prime Minister. The underground headquarters from which Winston Churchill directed his war strategies became the nerve centre of Britain's war effort. Central of the exhibition is the fifteen metre long interactive table which shows information of every year of Winstons Churchill's life. More

London Pass - City Cruises
The perfect way to see London from a different site- you will pass London's most beautiful attractions like Westminster, London Eye, the Tower of London and many more. Visitor can choose either to stay the whole trip on the boat- this will last 2.5 hours- or alternatively hop on and off at Waterloo Pier or Tower Hill Pier to combine the City Cruises trip with sightseeing on dry land.The perfect way to see London from a different site- you will pass London's most beautiful attractions like Westminster, London Eye, the Tower of London and many more. More

London Pass - Courtauld Gallery
Visiting Courtauld Gallery means that you visit one of Britain's most important art collection, inlcuding world-famous Impressionist and Post- Impressionist paintings, as well as sculptures and decorative art. The magnificent and elegant 18th century palace provides its visitors with an impressive overlook at the Thames and is therefor an appropriate location for the work of Ruben or van Gogh. More

London Pass - Curzon Mayfair Cinema
This original Curzon cinema is a little bit shabbier than its Soho sister, but it is a real avant-garde outpost that screens new and independent films! This Curzon cinema is the perfect place to relax after a busy sightseeing day, its luxury and very comfortable bar invites you to stay and have a drink after the movie. With your London Pass you will have free entry to showings anytime on Monday to Thursday and before 5pm on Friday and Sunday. More

London Pass - Curzon Soho Cinema
Curzon Soho is London's best cinema. Its fantastic program with the best of British, European, American and Indie films, it is very often called 'haven in the midst of the chaotic West End'. Upstairs you will find a Konditor & Cook cafe with cakes and tea to enjoy. Located in the heart of Soho, Curzon Soho Cinema benefits from its proximity to many other attractions of London. Holding the London Pass you will have free entry to showing anytime on Monday to Thursday and before 5pm on Friday and Sunday. More

London Pass - Eltham Palace
You are a fan of Art Deco? Then you should'nt miss a trip to Eltham Palace, not so much because for the remnants of the palace building itself but for the Courtauld House on its grounds. This house was built in 1937, has an impressive entrance hall, an amazing dining-room and much more. This masterpiece evokes perfectly the style of the 30ies and offers its visiors furthermore entrance to its breathtaking garden that is complimented by a magical, sunken rose garden. More

London Pass - Estorick Collection
Friends of Italian Art owe this wonderful collection to art dealer Eric Estorick and his wife Salome when the couple settled after World War II. The gallery is located in Islington, a very nice and fashionable area to spend some time in. The Estorick Collection contains Futurist masterpieces and work by artists such as Amedeo Modigliani, Giorgio de Chirico and Giorgio Morandi. More

London Pass - Eton College
Eton College is one of the oldest schools in Britain. Founded in 1440 by King Henry IV, many famous people, including prime ministers and royal princes have been educated in this impressive building. London Pass offers its holders free entry to the school yard, college chapel and the Museum of Eton Life. Furthermore London Pass includes also a one-hour guided tour which allows you to gain insight into life at Eton. More

London Pass - Fan Museum
The world's only museum that is dedicated to fans! Its visitors would not expect the amount of 4,000 antique fans in the two tiny rooms. Some fans of the fantastic collection dating even from the 11th century onwards! Visitors of the Fan Museum will find instructions on fan etiquette and also fan depicting patriotic battle scenes. More

London Pass - Firepower Royal Artillery Museum
The Royal Artillery Museum, or as it is also known as Firepower, covers the history of guns from ancient China to contemporary Iraq. The Royal Artillery Museum contains antique weaponry with informative history as well as serious hardware. You will be surprised about the very spectaculous mortar in the shape of a tiger in this venue of the special kind! More

London Pass - Florence Nigthingale Museum
Florence Nightingale was a brave woman who led a team of nurses to Turkey during the Crimean War in 1854 in order to improve conditions for soldiers. Right after her returning Florence Nightingale set up a training school for nurses in London. If you are interested in this exemplary person you should definitely visit the museum that is dedicated to Florence Nightingale- the 'Lady of the Lamp'. More

London Pass - Foundling Museum
The Foundling Museum was founded in 1739 by Thomas Coram and provided 27,000 homeless and abandoned children until its closure in 1953. Recently it was opened again as a museum which tells the story of the hospital and the children who lived there. In addition the Foundling Museum houses an excellent art collection, featuring works by Hogarth and many more. Also a copy of Handel's Messiah can be found in the Foundling Museum. More

London Pass - Guards Museum
Have you tried to watch the 'Changing of the Guards', but you didn't see a thing due to the crowds? From April to August at 10.50am any day, you will have the chance to see the guards entering formation outside the museum, for their march up to Buckingham Palace. Furthermore you will find any information about the history of the five regiments of foot guards and their role in military campaigns. More

London Pass - Hampton Court Palace
Located in the city's suburbs, London's most spectaculous Tudor Palace, can be easily reached by train from Waterloo Station. Hampton Court Palace was not built for the monarchy at all. It was Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, Lord Chancellor of England who had the palace built in 1515 to keep his self-importance. Later Henry VIII took possession of the Hampton Court Palace, set to work expanding it, adding the Great Hall, the exquisite Chapel Royal and the sprawling kitchen. More

London Pass - Handel House Museum
It was George Frederick Handel, the great composer, who lived in this 18th-century building for 36 years until his death in 1759. In 2001 the house opened as a museum, restored to how it would have looked when Handel was there in residence. The Exhibition includes early editions of Handel's operas, and oratorios and the visitor will get a good idea of how Handel lived and worked. House No 23, which is now part of the museum, was once home of a musician as different from Handel as could be imagined: American guitarist Jimi Hendrix lived there until his death. More

London Pass - The Household Cavalry Museum
This museum is unlike any other museum of military, because it offers its visitors an exclusive insight in 'behind-the-scene look'. Visitors will be able to have a look at the ceremonial duties and operational rules of the Household Cavalry and thanks to a screen in the museum visitors also see how work goes on in the stable of the Queen's Life Guard. More

London Pass - HMS Belfast
Moored next to Tower Bridge the large, impressive cruiser is a big toy that kids of all ages generally love. Everyone who is interested in history of World War knows that HMS Belfast had a rather more serious purpose than as a plaything. Launched in 1938 from the Belfast shipyward, it served in World War II. HMS is mostly interesting for what it shows of the way of life on board a cruiser. You will have access to its operations room, to the bridge, to its boiler room and living quartiers. More

London Pass - Jason's Canal Boat Trip
This way of visiting London is definitely to recommand! You will get a different and unique perspective of London if you take a boat tour of it's canal. You will have the possibility to choose between a full 1h 30 min round tour along Regent's Canal, or just one way to Camden Lock where you will come upon the famous weekend market of Camden. More

London Pass - Jewel Tower
Jewel Tower was originally built in 1365 to house the King's treasures. This was not enough protection for Eduard III, he had also a moad dug to be sure that his possession is safe. Jewel Tower seems not to be altered, but actually it is one of the only two complete remaining builidngs remaining from the medieval Palace of Westminster. Located right across the road of the House of Parliament, the Jewel Tower is right in the middle of one of the key tourist locations with Big Ben only a few minutes away by foot. More

London Pass - Kensington Palace
Kensington Palace owes its popularity to the fact that the palace was the residence of the Diana, Princess of Wales. Of course Kensington Palace already had a long story when Princess Diana moved in. Built in 1605, Kensington Palace became the favourite royal residence, worth to mention is also the birth of Queen Victoria in 1819. Most beautiful of all the quarters is the Cupola Room, also the King's Long Gallery, the King's Drwing Room and many more beautiful places in Kensington Palace wait to be visited by you! More

London Pass - Kew Bridge Steam Museum
Located in the impressive 19th century waterworks, Kew Bridge Steam Museum can be found next to Kew Bridge. The Kew Bridge Steam Museum is an incredible place to learn more about the technology that kicked Britain's industrial and economic dominance in the 19th century. All the huge engines are powered by steam and can be seen in action every weekend. Don't miss to visit the world's largest collection of steam pumping engines! More

London Pass - Kew Gardens
With its wonderful plants and trees aside, Kew Gardens has several specific sights within its borders. After entering Kew Gardens you will find yourself in front of one of the most exhaustive botanical collection in the world. If you come by tube and enter via Victoria Gate, you can enjoy the beautiful view on a large pond overlooked by the enormous Palm House. Not far from this outstanding Palm House is the tiny and irresistable Water Lily House and many other breathtaking places. More

London Pass - London Bicycle Tour Company
This is sightseeing of a special kind! With the London Bicycle Tour you are able to enjoy London from another perspective and it is fun and unique! You will be lead by an expert guide stopping at intervals and familiarizing you with the main attractions of London. Furthermore the route is planned to keep you away from traffic and give you access to areas you would probably never see if you would take the car. With London Pass you can get a free tour every day during the summer! More

London Pass - London Canal Museum
The London Canal Museum is housed in a former 19th century ice warehouse, where canal boats were deliver their cargoes of ice, used by Carlo Gatti. Therefore this museum also includes an exhibit on the history of the ice trade as well. Furthermore the London Canal Museum tells its visitors the story about London's canals from the time they were a vital part of the city's industrial life. If you are interested in how people lived and worked on the waterways the London Canal Museum is the right place for you! More

London Pass - London Wetland Centre
The London Wetland Centre is a real 'secret' that mostly everybody knows about but few people do visit it. This London attraction is definitely worth half-a-day of anybody's time! Widely regarded as the best urban site in Europe to watch wildlife, the London Wetland Centre is one of Britain's most ambitious and exciting wildlife projects with 43 hectares of lakes, ponds and marshes to explore. It is the perfect place to explore rare kinds of birds and plants and just enjoy nature and wander around. More

London Pass - London Zoo
London Zoo was established in 1828 and is one of the oldest zoological gardens in the world. Visitors of London Zoo are confronted with the question what to see first- the Gorilla Kingdom, the Clore Rainforest Lookout and Nightzone, the Penguin Pool or the Butterfly Paradise! A great way to visit the Zoo and watch it from an unique perspective is by canal boat from Little Venice or Camden, but you can also reach it by walking along the canal path. In London Zoo visitors will be astonished by all the fascinating and gentle creatures that are fantastic to observe. More

London Pass - Museum of Brands and Packaging
In the Museum of Brands and Packaging you will find yourself walking through a time tunnel of cartons and bottles, toys and advertising displays. Just two minutes walking from Portobello Road, this museum features over 12,000 original items, household and global brands, toys, sweets, fashions, posters, magazines; decade by decade to the present days. It seems likely that all visitor will go home with their own favourite impressions! More

London Pass - Docklands Museum
Nowhere else in London gives you a better sense of the importance of the Thames to the progress of London than this museum! The Museum in Docklands is set in a Georgian warehouse where the Roman, Danish and Saxon history of the river is presented. Very unique is the section of the Sailortown where the sounds and smells of an alley in the 19th century dock-side community is created. Also a very special model of the Old London Bridge can be found in the Museum in Docklands. More

London Pass - Rugby Museum
Between January and March, England competes against Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France and Italy in the Six Nations Championship. Rugby is of big interest in England, so why not familiarize with it in the Museum of Rugby!? You will be able to join guided tours combined with the greatest collection of rugby souvenirs in the world. The museum leads its visitors through the history of this sport from its entering public schools to its poplurity of today! More

London Pass - National Theatre Tours
This extraordinary experience will give you the chance to have an insight in what goes on behind the scenes of one of the most famous theatre. The National Theatre is one of the UK's foremost venues for contemporary and classic theatre, scene of some of greatest performances where some of the world's famous actors and actress played. If you want to experience something else than tried-and-tested tourist sightseeing trail the National Theatre Tour is definitely the right attraction for you to see a hidden side of London! More

London Pass - Pollocks Toy Museum
Pollock's Toy Museum is aimed at both kids and adults as it is fetchingly creepy and mesmerising. Visitors start their exploration by climbing up a rickety narroq staircase where they will meet framed dolls from Latin America, Africa, India and Europe. Furthermore weird-looking dolls in cotton nighties will follow you with their glazed eyes while you carry on wakling on the creaking stairs. Surprisingly there are three flights of stairs to climb up, then four to descend and you will find yourself back in the museums entry! More

London Pass - Queen Gallery
For over five hundred years kings and queens have accumulate a fortune of art and artefacts. Many of these items still exist as part of the Royal Collection and are shown to public in the Queen's Gallery in Buckingham Palace. The Royal Collection includes paintings, drawings, watercolours, furniture, ceramics, clocks, silver, sculptures and a lot of impressive and beautiful items. Originally created over 40 years ago on the west front of Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s Gallery London was built out of the bomb-damaged ruins of a former private chapel and recently redeveloped. More

London Pass - Queens Ice Bowl
You favor winter? Queens Ice Bowl is one of the most famous all-year-round indoor ice rinks in London. Countless top skaters have started their carreer there. Robby Williams for instance filmed his music-video 'she is the one' in Queens Ice Bowl. If you search for entertainment for a whole day Queens Ice Bowl is the perfect place to be for you as you can find bowling lanes, bars and fast food there. More

London Pass - Renoir Cinema
You are searching for a place to spend an relaxed evening after a long sightseeing day? Then the perfect place is the Renoir Cinema in Camden. Renoir Cinema offers a huge variety of refreshing films, including world cinema, US indie and many more! As the name of the cinema already tells the Renoir Cinema focus on french movies. London Pass offers its holders free access to movies from Monday to Thursday and before 5pm from Friday to Sunday. More

London Pass - Royal Albert Hall
The Royal Albert Hall is an arts venue situated in the City of Westminster where you can enjoy several performances. Opened in 1871 the Royal Alber Hall is one of the most treasured buildings in the UK and artists from all over the world prefer to appear at this stage. Uncountable events have taken place in the Royal Albert Hall, including classical and rock concerts, conferences, proms, motor shows, opera and circus. In 1980 CRR devoted their album to the Royal Albert Hall, but this promotion was no longer necessary as the Royal Albert Hall is as popular as never before! More

London Pass - Royal Mews
The Royal Mews started once life as a falconry but is now a working stable looking after the royals' horses, along with the opulent cars the monarchy uses. Highlights include the staggering gold coach of 1762 that has been used for special ceremonies. Please notice that the Royal Mews is closed in June during the four-day racing carnival of Roal Ascots, when the royalty trys to win some money on the horses! More

London Pass - Shakespeare Globe Theatre
Shakespeare's Globe consists of the reconstructed Globe Theatre and, beneath it, an exhibition hall which includes a tour of the Globe Theatre. The exhibition focuses on Elizabethan London and stagecraft and the struggle to get theatre rebuilt. One probably has to smile benignly when special effects of former times are explained. Furthermore the exhibition allows the visitors to have a look on costumes, also some recordings of some of the greatest Shakespearean performances are available. To sum it up: a faithful life-size reconstruction of the playhouse where Shakespeare wrote, that is definitely worth to visit! More

London Pass - St. Pauls Cathedral
St Pauls Cathedral is nearly indiscribable. London's visitors have to come and experience the glory and the majesty of this impressive cathedral! St Pauls iconic dome is dominating the sky line of London, one of the most beautiful views you will have on Millenium Bridge from where you can see the amazing cupula of St Pauls. St Pauls Cathedral was built between 1675 and 1710 and is famous for its Whispering Gallery which is 30 metres above the floor. More

London Pass - Tate Britain
Tate Britain was built in 1897 and it didn't take long as it was filled with its definitive collection of British art from the 16th to the late 20th centuries. The gallery is broadly chronological in order and its visitors can expect to see some of the most interesting and most important works by artists such as Constable and Gainsborough. A good time to visit the Tate Britain is in the early evenings due to many visitors each day. If you would like to combine both Tates in you sightseeing day, the best way is to get the boat that connects the two galleries. Your fabulous art day can begin! More

London Pass - Tate Modern
Tate Modern is the national gallery of international modern art for Britain. Mainly for children there is plenty to keep them busy as activity trails and jazzy multimedia guides are available. On Saturdays and on Sundays sessions with educational games are held and there is also a permanent 'family zone' open during gallery hours. The collection at Tate Modern includes all the major modern art movements from Fauvism onwards. It features Picasso and Matisse, Dali, Ernst and Mirò and many more. Admission is free for everybody and in addition London Pass holders will have a bonus of a free audio guide! More

London Pass - Tower Bridge Exhibition
Tower Bridge Exhibition will provide London Pass holder with the best Thames panorama ever! From up high on the walkways you will get an a sense of the activity of the Thames! Since 1894 this unique and impressive site of London and is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. In the exhibition you will have the chance to learn more about the bridge and the immense engines that are necessary to open the bridge. To see Tower Bridge in action is to see why London was once the most technologically advanced city in the world. More

London Pass - London Tower
Tower Hill was once a small church of All Hallows-by-the-Tower which survived until today. Since it turned into a prison, more than 70 Tower prisoners were executed there. The execution of a one-armed soldier in 1780 marked the end of a bloody area and the Tower dominated since then the city. Nowadays Tower Hill is one of the capital’s most prominent landmarks and a World Heritage Site. London Pass gives you free access to this must-see attraction and the possibility to skip the queue and in addition discount at the Armouries Cafe. More

London Pass - Wellington Arch
Wellington Arch arises at Hyde Park Corner, most notably during the night it is wonderful to look at! Wellington Arch as well as Marble Arch were both planned in 1825 to remind the public of Britain's victories over Napoleon. Wellington Arch is meant to mark the gateway to Buckingham Palace. If you are interested in other impressive archs, Wellington Arch provides this information for you as it has viewing platforms and a permanent display about other London arches. More

London Pass - Wernher Collection
Wernher Collection shows imposingly how much of ones fortune can be spent by one man for beautiful things like jewellery, porcelain, furniture and many more. Public owes this astonishing collection to Julius Wernher who came to London with the age of 21 and he started to work as a diamond dealer. Wernher Collection contains more than 650 exhibits dating far back and it is an amazing mix of uncountable centrepieces. Visitors of the Wernher Collection will find rare Old Masters by Francesco Francia, Filippino Lippi or Hans Memling. More

London Pass - Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum
Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum was opened in 2006 by the Duke of Kent and since then the museum has received thousends of visitors all over the world. Interactive touch-screen consoles are available throughout the museum and take you through the history of the game and this world famous tennis club. Thanks to London Pass you will not only have free admission but also access to restricted areas, inlcuding No 1 Court and Press Interview Rooms as well as informative commentary from a trained Blue Badge guide. More

London Pass - Wimbledon Tour Experience
Experience the Wimbledon Tour Experience and gain an unique insight behind the scenes at the home of tennis in the UK. The Wimbledon Tour Experience allows you access to restricted areas that are forbidden for everybody else and the tour is led by expert guides who knows answer for any question you are posing them. During your visit, London Pass recommends visiting the enchanting Water Gardens, a little known feature of the club with stunning views of over the city; the tour also includes entry to the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum. More

London Pass - Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world and the official Residence of Her Majesty The Queen. The castle covers an area of about 5 hectares and contains several apartements which are filled with centrepieces of the Royal Collection and also the St George's Chapel is located there. As Windsor Castle is a royal residence, opening hours may change, therefor we recommand a check before you plan to go there. With your London Pass with the travel option you will also have a free ticket for the train to get to Windsor Castle. More