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The National Trust Touring Pass allows you access to all of the properties in possession of this organisation. We have selected for you the most beautiful and interesting castles all over the United Kingdom to help you plan your stay and decide which places you want to see.

National Trust Castles

Drogo Castle, Devon

National Trust Drogo Castle The Drogo Castle in Devon looks like an ancient brick castle, but in fact it was built in the 20th century by the millionaire Julius Drewe, which makes it the last castle to be built in England. The interior of the castle, that lies in a height of nearly 300 metres above Dartmoor, combines past and present in an astonishing way and the environment of the castle is breathtaking as well. Take a stroll through the beautiful garden down to the Teign Gorge and enjoy the wild river that flows there.

Chedworth Roman Villa, Gloucestershire

National Trust Chedworth Roman VillaThe Chedworth Roman Villa, situated in Gloucestershire near Cheltenham, is one of Britains largest Romano-British villas and the 1700 years old ancient ruins in the heart of the Cotswolds were discovered in the 1860’s. The audio visual presentations bring the place and its artefacts, that include mosaics, hypocausts, bathhouses, latrines and the ruins of the walls to life.

Corfe Castle, Dorset

National Trust Corfe Castle Corfe Castle, beautifully located in Dorset, is an ancient castle over a millenium old that, in the course of its history, has served many different purposes: it was used as shelter, prison and private home before it was demolished during the civil war, creating the ruins you can see today. After a lot of conservation works in the past years, all parts of the castle are now accessible to the public.

Dunster Castle, Somerset

National Trust Dunster CastleThe Dunster Castle is a romantic castle located on the top of a hill, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful views over Exmoor, the Bristol Channel and the beautiful garden. Inside the castle, there is also a lot to discover. Visit the impressive dining room and - if you dare - the haunted bedroom with its secret passage.

Bodiam Castle, East Sussex

National Trust Bodiam CastleThis medieval castle is situated in East Sussex and was built in 1385 from when on it was used as a defence and a home to kings and queens. The interior of Bodiam Castle, that is surrounded by a moat, has largely been retained and gives you an impression of what life was like back in the Middle Ages.

Tattershall Castle, Lincolnshire

National Trust Tattershall CastleThe Tattershall Castle is a beautiful medieval castle which has stood in the country-side of Lincolnshire for centuries. The castle is still charming visitors with its six floors and the breathtaking view you can enjoy from the battlements of the building. An audio guide will provide you with all the necessary information and once you put on one of the medieval costumes, the middle ages will come to life again!

Lindisfarne Castle, Northumberland

National Trust Lindisfarne CastleLindisfarne Castle is located on a cliff in Northumberland. Originally built as a Tudor fort, it was transformed into a private house in the beginning of the 20th century and has lost none of it charm. The castle is accessible by causeway only during low tide – please check castle opening times and safe crossing times beforehand.

Chirk Castle, Wrexham

National Trust Chirk CastleChirk Castle is a medieval fortress situated in Wrexham in Wales and is a place full of history. It dates back to the times of Edward I and in the castle, you can travel through different eras: see the medieval tower and the dungeon, the 17th century gallery, the 18th century state apartments as well as the 20th century laundry. After that, you can enjoy a walk through the prize-winning garden.

Powis Castle, Powys

National Trust Powis CastlePowis Castle was built by Welsh Princes in 1200 and is still lived in today. The beautiful gardens surrounding the house are famous all over the world and the castle itself has a lot to offer as well. A huge collection of paintings, sculpture and furniture can be seen there and in the Clive Museum, treasures from India are displayed. Guided tours can be arranged.

National Trust Abbeys

Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire

National Trust Lacock AbbeyThe Lacock Abbey is situated in the heart of England, in the picturesque village of Lacock. The abbey was built in the middle ages and has been converted into a country house, losing none of its original beauty. Come and see the place where the movie-adventures of Harry Potter and his friends have taken place! The Fox Talbott Museum, dedicated to the owner of the abbey, is also well worth a visit. Please visit our Museum section for more information.

Fountains Abbey, North Yorkshire

National Trust Fountains AbbeyIn North Yorkshire, you can visit the breathtaking remains of the Fountains Abbey, an abbey that was founded in 1132 by thirteen Benedictine monchs. It was one of the richest abbeys in England until it was shut down in 1539 on orders of Henry VIII. Come and see the cloister, the warming room, the dormitory and a lot more to see what life in a monastery was like!

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