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The National Trust offers you the possibility to see places all over the United Kingdom and see the most beautiful monuments, parks, manors, sites and castles in England. To make it easy for you, we present you the most interesting activities in and near London! This way, you can explore the hidden treasures of London!

Sutton House, East London

National Trust Sutton HouseThe Sutton House is one of the oldest houses of East London - it dates back to the Tudor dynasty! It was built by Sir Ralph Sadleira, a prominent courtier of Henry VIII in 1535. Come and discover the real life of XV's century people of England. For families and children, this is the perfect place to spend a nice afternoon and you will for sure enjoy visiting this historic house thanks to the National Trust Touring Pass!

2 Willow Road, North London

National Trust Sutton HouseYou will be very excited to explore this house, designed by the famous Modernist architect Ernö Goldfinger on the edge of Hampstead Heath! You can also see a great modern art collection where there is a part of Henry Moores, Max Ernsts and Bridget Rileys work.

Eastbury Manor House, North London

National Trust Sutton HouseThis Manor was built in Elizabethan style and you can see some wonderful 17th-century wall paintings on the first floor! A lovely garden invites you to take a sit and stay watching the Eastbury Manor House from outside. Travel in the past and return to the Elizabethan period contemplating some objects from its past! Situated near Islington Station, it will be easy to enjoy this National Trust property!.

Carlyle's House, London Center

National Trust Sutton HouseA Scottish writer, Thomas Carlyle and his wife Jane rented this house in 1834 in the village of Chelsea. You can see all the rooms preserved in a 1895' style (the kitchen, dining room, drawing room, bedroom and Carlyle's intriguing soundproofed study)!

Red House, South London

National Trust Sutton HouseDesigned by Morris and his friend, the architect Philip Webb, this beautiful house was built in brick - that's why it is called the "Red House"! Now, it is an internationally significant Arts & Crafts Movement house. Don't hesitate to visit the Red House near London, there are also some charming shops where you could find some gifts for friends and family!

Ham House and Garden, East London

National Trust Sutton HouseCome on into the dream of the 17th century to see an impressive decoration from this period of England. This Mansion was inhabited by William Murray in 1626 and the rooms stayed in their original state to be more realistic and take you away from the 21st century back to the 17th century. Come and feel the atmosphere of this extraordinary century visiting the Ham House and its garden!

Morden Hall Park, South London

National Trust Sutton HouseTake your bike and your sneakers and go to the Morden Hall Park with the National Trust! This park is the best place to relax and discover some beautiful areas. Moreover, nature lovers will enjoy the garden of England, in which you can find more than 2 000 types of roses in summer. Go ahead to see the various rivers and the famous wetland, the country of the water!

Rainham Hall, East London

National Trust Sutton HouseRainham Hall is a charming Georgian House in the center of London! You will be surprised by the conservation of the rooms... it will be a jump in the past for your and your family! Built in 1729 by Captain John Harle, this house is full of memories and you can visit it and experience them again and again!

Roman Bath, North London

The Roman Bath is a beautiful attraction to visit in the center of London to understand the past and see what life was like during the Roman occupation. This impressive architecture reminds us of the history of this country before the freedom of the British people! During your National Trust Tour through London, don't hesitate to come to the Roman Bath!