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Gift-Tours doesn't just offer sightseeing tours in London, but all over the country! We can take you to Liverpool (home of The Beatles), Stonehenge, Shakespeare's birthplace, Leeds, Warwick Castle, Canterbury and the famous university city of Oxford - to name but a few! England has so many attractions and tourist sights to visit, and because we want you to get as much as you can from your vacation, Gift-Tours offers package tours to suit every taste and budget. Join the millions of visitors who flock to England year by year, and find the tour that suits you best!

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Warwick Castle The castle that brings history to life! Warwick Castle is Britain's greatest medieval castle. It will take you back to the times of bloody battles, high treason and the splendor of royal life.

Stratford-upon-Avon, a charming market town set in the heart of England. See Shakespeare's birthplace and the beautiful Holy Trinity Church, where Shakespeare lies buried. With its Elizabethan houses, winding river and proud history, Stratford will capture your heart.

Stonehenge, one of history's greatest mysteries, Stonehenge stands at over 5000 years old on England's Salisbury Plains. How did it get here? Watch the sun set over the plains, and discover the mystery for yourself...

Edinburgh, home of Braveheart and Edinburgh Castle, Scotland's capital is something to behold. Winding streets, Gothic architecture and the famous Fringe Festival, Edinburgh is a feast for all the senses!

Leeds Castle, known as the world's loveliest castle. Explore the chapel, galleries, courtyards and banqueting hall. Go back in time in this beautiful, historical city.

The National Trust is a non-government organization dedicated to the preservation of historic houses, gardens, castles and abbeys - and making them accessible to the public. Over 300 buildings and more than 200 outside properties across the British Isles are in the possession of the National Trust at the moment, enjoying 50 million visitors per year!

London Historic Royal Palaces is a collection of the Royal Family's palaces throughout England's capital. See the infamous Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace - the historic home of Henry VIII, or celebrate the 250th anniversary of George III's accession to the throne at Kew Palace, just to name a few.

So come and discover the magic of England! Whether you want cities, castles, countryside or some of England's expansive history, we'll be waiting to take you on the tour for you.

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