Stonehenge Direct Tour

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Direct Tour to Stonehenge and back to London


  • From just £29!* SAVE UP TO £38! Discounts available for children and seniors
  • Entrance to Stonehenge included in the price.
  • Audio guide and site handouts (in 10 different languages) included.
  • Includes direct transportation in luxury coach.
  • Extended visit to the Stonehenge site.

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Stonehenge Direct London Sightseeing England A World Heritage Site standing at 5000 years old on the beautiful Salisbury Plains, Stonehenge remains one of history's mysteries. An air of spirituality shrouds this unforgettable Pagan site. Come and discover the mystery!


Stonehenge Direct Tour Departure:

Departures from Central London

  • at 1.15pm at the Original London Sightseeing Shop and
  • at 1.30pm at Grosvenor Victoria

The Stonehenge Direct Tour

Your journey begins in the early afternoon from Central London, where you will be taken via a luxury air-conditioned coach by a professional driver to the ancient ruins. Your route will see you through a magnificent scenic route along the Salisbury Plains on the way to Stonehenge. Upon arrival at Stonehenge, you will be given audio guides in up to 10 languages; site handouts will also be made available to further expand your knowledge about the heritage of the area. After your tour, you will have time to roam around at your leisure, discovering this magnificent site at your own pace. The tour will come to an end in the afternoon and we will aim to be back in London by 7pm, perhaps having unlocked the secrets of Stonehenge!

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