Are you curious to hear what our customers have to say about their experiences with us and how they liked their time in London? Look no further, Our feedback is listed below.

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*It was incredibly fast and simple to book through gift-tours. On my next trip to London I know where to make my itinerary! - Chris, NYC, NY

*My family had an excellent time in London! Thank you gift-tours.com! - Rachel, Liverpool, UK

*Simple, easy, and entertaining. I will definitely use you guys again! - Jorge, Spain

* I had a great time in London. I saw everything I wanted thanks to your guided tours and special offers. Thank you ! - Sarah, Switzerland

* Everything worked out fine and I had a nice holiday. Thanks gift-tours! - Holger, Cologne, Germany

* My wife and I spent a great time in London celebrating our anniversary. Couldn't have been any better. Jean-Pierre, Rennes, France

* I went to London with all my girl friends to celebrate my hen night, it was tremendous. We had so much fun without worrying about the boring organisational stuff. Thank you gift-tours team ! Alicia, Bristol, UK

* It was my first time in London and I was a bit worried if everything would go on plan, but it did. Everything did just perfectly work out and I had a great holiday. Thanks for everything! Anna, Poland

* After I finished my studies last year I wanted to go on a trip to England with my friend. As we wanted to see as much as possible but only had 2 weeks, the gift-tours tours were the ideal solution for us. We saw everything we wanted to and still got time to go shopping in London. Great holiday, thank you gift-tours team. Heike, Berlin, Germany

* My sister and I were planning on doing a „girls-holiday“ for quite a long time. Besides all the girly stuff like shopping and clubbing we also wanted to do some sightseeing. As no one of us has ever been to London before, we were a bit scared of the organisation, especially concerning the transportation, airport transfer etc. But gift-tours offered us the perfect solution and we spend a great holiday. Thanks!!! Anne, Netherlands

* I had a great time on the Beatles Tour in Liverpool. Wanted to go there forever and it was just as good as expected. Thanks for the great organisation. Lars, Sweden