The Magic of London Tour

This is actually a great offer for tourists visiting London that want to experience the famous sights of the capital city in one day. The ‘Magic of London Tour’ takes you by coach pass some famous buildings in the centre of London. Travelling in the tour coach means that you can relax on this ‘Magic of London Tour’ and not worry about how to find all these sights, which are spread out all over London.

The coach firstly pulls up at the historic ‘Tower of London,’ whose origins can be traced back to the time of William the Conqueror in the 11th century. The eccentric Yeoman Warders will treat you to an excellent and amusing tour of the Tower of London and will explain to you the fascinating history of the tower and how it served a mixed role as a royal palace/prison for celebrities. The crown jewels are also definitely worth seeing and children and adults alike should be overwhelmed by the splendour of these jewels. The Tower of London Tour should also be a fun experience and kids in particular will be excited by the apparent threat of the Tower of London ghosts (including Anne Boleyn), although it is quite unlikely that they will actually be spotted.

Following this, the tour takes you to see the residence of the Queen herself at Buckingham Palace, which is something that everyone visiting London should not miss. It should be noted that the the ‘Magic of London’ tour does not actually include a tour inside the Tower of London, but you do have a chance to see the famous ‘Changing of the Guards’ ceremony, which is in fact more interesting than anything you would see inside Buckingham Palace. Although on some days the ‘Changing of the Guards’ will not be taking place, the ‘Magic of London’ Tour will still give you the chance to take some photos of the elegant ‘Horseguards,’ who are unique to London.

The ‘Magic of London’ Tour subsequently takes you to board a Thames river cruise, which is an excellent feature of this tour for it allows you to have a great view of some of London’s most spectacular buildings and architecture. Hopefully, this cruise should help you build up an appetite as the ‘Magic of London Tour’ will next stop at a very traditional English pub for lunch at Whitehall near Westminster Abbey. Although lunch is not included in the tour, the fact that the tour pays for your travel costs to so many tourist attractions means that overall it is still a good deal.

After a delicious lunch, the ‘Magic of London’ will put you back on the bus and take you to see St Paul’s Cathedral, which will be particularly interesting to those interested in beautiful old cathedrals. A qualified guide will show you around the Cathedral pass the tombs of Wellington and Nelson, which should interest those adults and those interested particularly in English history. Children should be more interested in the Whispering Gallery where they can whisper strange and funny noises to one another. If you are religious then it would be a good idea to book a ‘Magic of London’ Tour for a Sunday, as then you will be able to sit in on one of St Paul’s Cathedral services.

The ‘Magic of London’ Tour ends with a welcome visit to Harrods – probably the most famous stores in the whole of London. You can indulge in a delicious cream tea made by some of the best tea makers and chefs in England and then take your time to explore the rest of this beautiful store, which sells specialised food, clothes, bags, pets, digital products, toys and pretty much everything you could want.

You have the useful option of choosing any day of the week to take the ‘Magic of London’ Tour and prices for the tour start from a reasonable 75pounds for adults, 68pounds for children under 16 and 72pounds for seniors over 60.