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See Paris and the Legendary Mona Lisa!

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Prepare yourself for an unforgettable trip with us through Paris, the City of Love!

Paris; City of Light, City of Love, city of delight and extravagance, and we're here to show you why! See the city from the gentle ambling of a River Seine Cruise; hear the music in the streets and experience the greatest museum in the world - The Louvre. And finally, meet Mona Lisa herself, see her strange smile...painted by Da Vinci himself!

Total Paris & Mona Lisa Tour Highlights:

  • hotel transfer
  • Reserved luxury Eurostar seats
  • A River Seine Cruise
  • Panoramic tour of Paris
  • Guided tour of Le Louvre
  • view the legendary Mona Lisa
  • Fast entry to the Eiffel Tower

The Total Paris & Mona Lisa Tour

During this fantastic trip you will enjoy an incredible panoramic tour of this picturesque city, including all the major iconic sites of Paris, ending at the symbolic and stunning Eiffel Tower. One of the world's greatest and most original monuments, the Eiffel Tower offers an unbeatable panoramic view of Paris. Our Paris tour then continues with a scenic cruise along the River Seine; after the many beautiful Parisienne sights you will arrive at the 900-year old Cathedral of Notre Dame.

The crowning moment of the tour is a visit to the Louvre where you will see for yourself the world's most famous painting - The Mona Lisa!
At the end of the day, we will make our way back to London, reflecting on the luxurious, magical day.

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Total London Sightseeing Tour Total London Sightseeing Tour
  • The Ticket

  • Paris Travel ToursAll day trip
  • Paris Travel ToursAdults: £169
  • Paris Travel ToursChildren: £159
  • Paris Travel ToursStart: early morning
  • Paris Travel ToursFinish: early evening
  • Paris Travel ToursExpert Guides
  • The Tour

  • Paris Travel ToursVisit Le Louvre
  • Paris Travel ToursSee the Mona Lisa
  • Paris Travel ToursEnjoy the River Seine
  • Paris Travel ToursView Notre Dame
  • Paris Travel ToursSee the Eiffel Tower
  • Paris Travel ToursGet sight of Paris
  • Advantages

  • Paris Travel ToursAll for one Price
  • Paris Travel ToursReserved seats
  • Paris Travel Tours Hotel Transfer
  • Paris Travel Tours Seine Cruise
  • Paris Travel ToursNo Line Waiting
  • More Advantages

  • Paris Travel ToursSave Time & Money
  • Paris Travel ToursFun & educational
  • Paris Travel ToursSee iconic landmarks

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