Windsor Castle, Eton and Buckingham Palace – a royal London tour.

We offer excellent deals for tourists wishing to see some famous royal locations in England and this ‘three tourist destination day-tour’ is most suitable for those interested in the English monarchy. And amazingly it includes a delicious two course lunch at a gourmet Eton restaurant.

A very comfortable coach first carries tourists on a very pleasant coach drive up to the historic Windsor Castle. From the time of King William the Conqueror (11th century), Windsor Castle has been an important English landmark and it has served as the residence for most of England’s monarchs and royal families. The tour gives visitors the excellent opportunity to see inside the amazing state apartments where various royals have lived and entertained themselves. It really is quite extraordinary to see inside the old rooms for such furnishing is rarely seen these days and the lavishness is subtle yet typically aristocratic. The royal St George’s Chapel is equally fascinating for those that are curious about the royals’ place of worship. This chapel in Windsor Castle has been the scene for monarch’s funerals for centuries and it is expected that Queen Elizabeth II will one day be buried here. Thus anyone interested in the monarchy or the Church of England would most certainly enjoy this part of the tour in Windsor Castle.

The best feature of this ‘3 tourist destination day-tour’ is that, after the visit to Windsor Castle, tourists are led across window bridge into Eton (where the famous Eton College is located) and taken to a top English restaurant for a delicious two-course lunch. The lunch is served by very smart and courteous waiters and the chef is probably one of the best in Eton so visitors will almost certainly not be disappointed.

After having dined and wined, tourists have the chance to head to the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II of England – Buckingham Palace. It is amazing that this very reasonably priced tour includes entrance into this royal building and the visit inside is indeed an intriguing experience. Tourists may soak up all the palace splendour at their own pace. From the extravagant rooms where the royals entertain their guest to the board rooms where important meetings take place, the interior of the castle is really a delight to see.

Following this, tourists have the chance to venture outside into the royal gardens to see some old tall trees and some beautiful flowerbeds. It is true that it is also possible to look out over the special Buckingham Palace 19th century lake, which is exquisitely designed. At the end the tour operators allow visitors to have a look around by themselves and this is very welcome for there is so much to see and take in.

Tourists may take this tour on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (in the months of August and September. Prices for adults start from 75pounds, 68pounds for children up to 16 and 72pounds for seniors .