Visit Windsor Castle And Runnymede

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Spend a day in British history!

The Windsor and Runnymede Tour Highlights

  • Windsor Castle, the largest continuously occupied castle in the world
  • the beautiful state apartments
  • stunning St George's Chapel
  • Runnymede, site of the signing of the Magna Carta

visit Windsor Castle and Runnymede

Our tour starts with Windsor Castle, a castle that has been home to every monarch since William the Conqueror. Even now Queen Elizabeth on the occasional weekend will stay at Windsor Castle for state functions or entertaining of guests. A castle used for royal relaxation as well as armed to the teeth in preparation for attack, Windsor Castle has many traces of its rich history to be perused.

visit Windsor Castle and Runnymede With your ticket you will gain access to Windsor Castle, the stunning St George's Chapel and the magnificent state apartments. The town of Windsor is quaint and beautiful; historical pubs and shops line the street that winds around the castle. Stroll up the hill past the pub where Shakespeare is said to have written The Merry Wives of Windsor!

We will then go onto Runnymede, where in 1215 King John signed the Magna Carta, the foundation of English legality and one of the most important documents in English history.

The Windsor and Runnymede Tour Prices

£42* (discounts available for children)

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